The industrial microgrid (INDuGRID) project info:

Acronym (Reference Number): INDuGRID (ELAC2014/ESE-0034)
Duration: 01/01/2015 – 01/01/2018
Project Topic: Towards Zero Carbon Energy Systems

This work has been supported by ELAC2014/ESE0034 from the European Union and its linked national projects.

General objective:

The main objective of this proposal is the introduction of innovative solutions to the improvement of energy efficiency in industrial environments by the use of intelligent electrical microgrids with high penetration of PV technology.

Specific objectives:

O1) To design architectures of electrical microgrids for small and medium size industries including power components, PV technology, energy storage systems, and communication and metering infrastructures.
O2) To develop protocols for efficient energy management in industrial microgrids taking special attention to the concept of zero net energy industries.
O3) To develop tools to operate industrial microgrids autonomously while exploiting locally PV production and storage capacity.
O4) To introduce innovative tools for improving the power quality in industrial microgrids including amplitude deviations, voltage imbalance and harmonics.

Research groups:

Carlos Moreira, INES-TEC, Porto, Portugal

Franco Canziani, WAIRA ENERGIA SAC, Lima, Perú

Juan Negroni, UTEM, Santiago de Chile, Chile

Mario Gomes, IPT, Tomar, Portugal

Miguel Castilla, UPC, Barcelona, Spain

Pedro Mercado, UNSJ, San Juan, Argentina